Rabu, 08 Juli 2015

L & L Cafe

paket wisata lombok Back again to discuss the next article about culinary tourism in Lombok, there are many culinary located on the edge of the road but it feels solid wuiih abis and of course in accordance with the typical spicy chili culinary ini..berikut miraculous example you must try :) ~ Chicken Taliwang Irama Theaters This pavement cafés can be said first taliwang chicken stalls in the city of Mataram, because this shop there since 1982. Still survive until now because it feels irreplaceable, even after dozens of houses to eat chicken taliwang born in this city. Called chicken taliwang cinema rhythm because of its location which is right in front of the former cinema rhythm that way bougainvillea Mataram, Some customers say there is a difference with this taliwang chicken flavor, more genuine, big chickens and of course that characterizes the concoction of sauces are different. That's because despite its higher price compared to other taliwang chicken stall but still many customers who come here. Customers shop owned H.Mahmudin which is open every 17.00-24.00 o'clock pm this not only from the public but also Mataram city officials and businessmen from outside the area .. ~ L & L Cafe tour lombok Location culinary uses a fast service system, it is often called the buyer as Accept-food restaurant although the menu is not the type of cuisine served fast. Sitting five minutes because the place orders directly come do not worry because eating house located on the street 12A Pejanggik number Cakranegara Mataram provide dozens of tables and chairs that can accommodate hundreds of buyers. Besides eating houses belonged Listia have enough food menu, such as chicken curry, chicken porridge, chicken penyet, fried ribs soup, gado-gado, four penyet, meatballs, chicken noodle, rawon, sotoayam, beef tongue stew, spaghetti , shrimp fried rice, fried noodles, roasted banana, cheese, chocolate, toast, variety of juice etc .. Seua sold at a price range of 4000-15000 / portion. L & L café is open from 18.00-24.00 o'clock .... ~ Assorted Juice Youth Juice youth-owned diamond bu this every day never empty, every day hundreds of buyers already lined up, I wonder if the turnover reaches tens of millions per day .. Juuice youth bu one of Intan merupaka Juice stall in the area of ​​youth Mataram, this region since last year weve become iced fruit seller region. But of the existing juice vending kiosks bu Diamond's best-selling, located 50 meters east of the intersection of clinic soesbandoro position north street youth. Not hard to find this place because of the number of buyers who queued striking because it is crowded, Juice owned bu Diamond is more indispensable to the customer because it is more viscous and fruit used fresh, the portions are also more and almost all kinds of fruit here, from apples, alpukan, wine, sunkis, jackfruit, pineapple, bark, mango, papaya, carrots, dragon fruit etc ... uga price is pretty cheap anyway, to local fruit only 4,000 only per glass and for 5,000 imported fruit-glass .. how interested then? let's just stop ..whehehehe

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