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Fashion jewelry pearl

paket wisata lombok Fashion jewelry pearl necklace is that you must have, because this is a pearl necklace jewelry is very beautiful, classic, and can be used in many occasions, ranging from official party to the casual daily use. This article will help you to find the pearls is ideal for you. There are many options available when you want to select and buy a pearl necklace. The first step is that you should decide to take a decision on the two options of: whether to buy a pearl necklace of natural or cultured whether to buy or sea water pearl necklace pearl necklace freshwater pearl whether to buy a perfectly round pearl necklace-shaped or irregular shapes (baroque) Pearl Necklace length - tour lombok As long pearl necklace is referred to in the following terms: • Choker Pearl Necklace: length 14 "to 16" long. Chokers installed in the base of the neck • Princess Pearl Necklace: length 18 " • Matinee Pearl Necklace: Necklace length 22 "to 23". A matinee pearl necklace is located above the cleavage. • Pearl Necklace Opera: length 30 "to 36" long. A pearl necklace opera, located right in the chest hanging • Pearl Necklace Sautoir or Rope Necklace: Necklace such as rope-type (its length is longer than opera necklace) wholesale pearl- paket wisata lombok Shop Gold, silver, pearl jewelry chili, add fuel 7D4CDAF2 - Whatsapp +6287888894689 Some styles of pearl necklaces are: Pearl necklace "dog collar": A pearl necklace like dog collars, consisting of several strands of pearls which lies close to the neck Style Bib Necklace: A bib necklace is strung so some pearl necklace rather long of dog collar. Stylish pearl necklace graduation: In a necklace graduation: large pearl position will be located in the middle to later become increasingly smaller towards the clasp. Pearl necklace-type uniform / Uniform: In a uniform pearl necklace, pearl seems to be all the same size, although normally there is a slight difference towards the end so they seem to be in proportion. Memberli guide pearls in Lombok Pearl Online Store Miss Joaquim Pearls Buy a pearl necklace with a sense of excitement and high confidence, because Miss Joaquim Pearls only sell genuine pearls and will send it to your address. paket tour lombok Each jewelry purchased will be insured when shipping Discuss in detail by our staff before buying, the discussion can be done through the fuel / SMS / Chating. Contact us at the phone number +6287888894689 Hp Customer satisfaction is our commitment. Is cultured pearl? sea ​​pearl Indonesia south sea pearls Often there is little confusion about the difference between natural pearls and cultured results. Natural pearls are formed when a parasite or other irritant enters the mollusk. As a protective measure, mollusks secrete nacre coating as a protector of irritation. Over time, more and more layers of nacre stored, eventually forming a pearl. Natural pearls are very rare and should be hunted by divers. It is a time consuming process very long so make natural pearls are so expensive. mutiara lombok Instead of the old long form naturally in the wild, then humans seek dihasikan cultured pearl by pearl cultivated by humans. These pearls are formed in the same way as natural pearls, but grown under controlled conditions by pearl farmers. Farmer accidentally entered irritation to the mollusk. Oysters or mussels then form the pearl around this irritant, such as natural pearls. Cultured pearl can take up to seven years to make it. Both natural pearls and cultured outcome can be formed in a state of freshwater or saltwater. What difference Freshwater pearls and seawater pearls (Asin)? Whether natural or cultured, pearls are basically the same. The difference lies in whether the pearls are freshwater or saltwater pearls. Both were formed in the same way, with irritation. Pearl cultivation only got additional help from humans. Freshwater pearls pearls are formed only in mollusks live in fresh water from ponds, streams, and lakes. Freshwater pearls are not perfectly round saltwater pearls, and they do not have the same luster and shine like pearls saltwater. Cheaper than their counterparts saltwater, freshwater pearls come in many shapes and sizes. Because they consist of solid nacre, they are extremely durable and resist chipping and wear. Freshwater pearls make the creation of cultured pearls is really beautiful and unique. Japan is famous for its freshwater cultured pearl industry of its results. Lake Biwa was once a freshwater cultured pearl production results of Japan. Pollution in the mid-1970s ended the pearl industry. At present, China's leading fresh water production outcome cultured pearl industry. harga mutiara Saltwater pearls are produced in salt-soaked waters of the ocean and bay. Molluscs in salt water conditions produce uniform round, perfect pearls that most people associate with a pearl necklace and bracelet. Three common types of saltwater pearls are akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea. Saltwater pearls originally collected from the mollusks in Lombok, Indonesia, the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and the waters around Japan and India. paket wisata lombok Related Article: Selling Pearls Lombok Lombok Tour Packages

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